Early Monolith

Learn about the Early Monolith Progression for the Mage Spellblade Leveling Build.

Monolith of Fate

You are now done with the campaign and are ready to conquer the endgame, the Monolith of Fate. It has 2 difficulties, Normal and Empowered. In the Empowered Monolith all Timelines are at level 100 and have 100 base corruption, which scales item rarity making farming end game items much easier.

Although this article guides you up to your 3rd Timeline called the Ending the Storm Timeline, your longer term goal is to unlock Empowered Monoliths. This is achieved by completing the Spirits of Fire, The Age of Winter and The Last Ruin Timelines and then activating the beacon in the center.

Timelines are represented as big islands on the world map in the End of Time era.

Check the Monolith Beginner Guide for more details.

Early Monolith Strategies

As you want to gain stability fast, you need to rush the echo objective while killing monsters on your way. Until you unlock Empowered Monoliths, prioritize Exalted items and Uniques as completion reward when choosing echoes. If you die in an echo, you lose the completion bonus of that echo, so try not to. Also in your first Timeline prioritize the experience as it gives you a big boost in character power.

In the Fall of the Outcasts Timeline after killing Abomination, choose the level 66 Timeline. As a general rule when selecting Timelines, always choose the highest leveled one. This keeps you on the right-hand-side of the Monolith progression and provides more immediately relevant blessings as you progress through.

Echo Modifiers

If you feel like you are taking too much damage, avoid the following echo modifiers:

  • Increased damage of all types
  • Enemies have increased critical strike chance

Remember that you can farm items in the previous Timeline, if the current one is too hard.

Monolith's Gearing

In the Monolith of Fate you have more opportunities to acquire better gear. Max your resistances quickly and have as much health as possible before investing into damage on your gear (except for your weapon, which is exclusively for damage). At the very least, max your physical, necrotic and void resistances for the first Timeline.

Here are the recommended items and affixes for each slot:

  • Weapon: Crystal Sword
  • Helmet: Gilded Crown, Celestial Helm and Arcane Visage.
  • Body Armour: Lunar Raiment, Vul'kaur Regalia and Celestial Raiment.
  • Belt: Bronze Belt
  • Boots: Heoborean Boots, Arcane Boots and Solarum Greaves
  • Gloves: Engraved Gauntlets
  • Amulet: Bone Amulet
  • Rings: Gold Ring
  • Relic: Scrying Eye

Best Prefixes

  1. Flame Ward Charge and Added Ward
  2. Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed
  3. Vitality
  4. Level of Flame Ward, Level of Flame Reave, Level of Firebrand, Level of Enchant Weapon and Level of Teleport
  5. Melee Cold Damage
  6. Cold Penetration
  7. Melee Attack Speed
  8. Critical Strike Multiplier
  9. Cold Damage, Elemental Damage and Melee Damage

Best Suffixes

  1. Health
  2. Hybrid Health
  3. Health
  4. Fire Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Cold Resistance, Elemental Resistance, Physical Resistance, Necrotic Resistance and Void Resistance
  5. Chance To Shred Armor on Hit
  6. Chance to Apply Frailty on Hit
  7. Chance to Chill on Hit
  8. Chance to Slow on Hit