Gear, Blessings & Idols

Learn about the Gear, Gear Progression, Empowered Blessings and Idols for the Shatter Strike Spellblade Build.


Gearing in Last Epoch revolves around finding Items and then using the powerful Crafting System to enhance them. As long as an Item has Forging Potential left, players can upgrade or modify their Affixes up to Tier 5. However, the powerful Exalted Tier Affixes are drop only and can't be modified by players.

Using the correct Item Bases allows you to make use of their amazing Implicits, this is fundamental for gearing efficiently. Combine Implicits, Passives, Idols and Blessings to cap your Resistances and other defensive layers, while fitting as much Health related Affixes or Endurance Threshold into your gear as possible. Plan ahead for your next upgrades and consider the final Empowered Blessings of your build while gearing. Finish up by farming Uniques with Legendary Potential and Sealing Affixes into Exalted Items to unleash all of your build's power!

Here are the Stat Goals for this build:

  • Capped Resistances (Poison can be lower)
  • Capped Critical Strike Avoidance
  • 400-500% Ward Retention
  • 500+ Health Regen
  • 30% - 40%+ Armour (Pre Buffs)
  • 2000+ Ward (out of combat)
  • 800+ Mana
  • 100% Critical Strike Chance
  • 100%+ Increased Attack Speed
  • 400% - 800%+ Increased Damage
  • 200+ Added Melee Cold Damage
  • 30% - 60%+ Movement Speed

Gear Progression

Milestone 1
Aim for good Item Bases with two valuable T5 Affixes. The Defensive rolls on T5 Suffixes are very important at this stage as they can easily cap all your Resistances when combined with Item Implicits, Idols, Blessings or Passives. Get a Weapon with double T5 offensive Affixes as soon as possible.

Milestone 2
Make sure your Critical Strike Avoidance is capped. Remember that Woven Flesh is always an option early on. It can be farmed by killing the Abomination in the Fall of the Outcast Monolith Timeline.

Milestone 3
Fit as much Mana into your gear as possible. This stat determines how much Ward we can generate from Lost Knowledge throughShatter Strike. It is exceptionally important to our survivability, especially before we get Vessel of Strife.

Starting Gear Planner

Milestone 4
Farm a Peak of the Mountain from Lightless Arbor with a high rolled Crit Chance. This is easy to get and has a high chance of dropping with Legendary Potential, so it shouldn't take long to get a good one.

Milestone 5
While you look for this basic set of gear, start farming your Empowered Blessings and look for any Idols that can help you cap all your Resistances momentarily or increase your Damage output. Keep an eye out for any Grand Glass Idol with Mana And Armor Suffix. These will have a substantial impact on your mana pool.

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Completing a Timeline in the Monolith of Fate lets you choose one of several randomized Blessings from its unique pool. Their benefits are permanent and persist even outside of the Monolith of Fate.

Empowered Blessings are a fundamental part of all builds, so getting the correct ones for each is key.

The sooner you reach Empowered Monolith, the faster you can start farming your desired Blessings!

End Game Blessings
<strong>Normal Blessings</strong>

Normal Blessings are not important as they are eventually replaced by Empowered Blessings. However they can still be a great source of Resistances, Critical Strike Avoidance or Life Leech for your build early on.

Pick up these Normal Blessings on your way to Empowered:

  • Echo of Solarum
  • Crash of the Waves
  • Survival of Might
  • Persistance of Will
  • Protection of Heorot
  • Resolve of Grael
  • Heart of the Caldera
  • Embers of Immortality
  • Body of Obsidian

Note: Don't target farm Normal Blessings. Get to Empowered Monolith as fast as you can.

<strong><strong>Empowered Combat Blessings</strong></strong>

Reaching Empowered Monolith unlocks all the level 100 Timelines and the ability to farm Empowered Blessings. Unlike Normal Blessings, these need to be farmed until you get the desired ones for your build. It is extremely important to get this set up as fast as possible to free up affix slots on your gear. Remember, the more value you get from your Blessings, the easier it is to craft efficient gear!

These are the core Combat Empowered Blessings for this build:

  • Start with Grand Survival of Might. A high roll on this Empowered Blessing can be combined with Mystic Plate or a single high rolled T5 Critical Strike Avoidance to cap it.
  • Farm a well rolled Grand Light of the Moon next.
  • Grab Grand Winds of Oblivion to help get Crit capped, or Grand Echo of Solarum If you need the resistance.
  • Grab Grand Rage of Winter for a big boost to your damage. If you prefer defense pick up Grand Bulwark of the Tundra instead.
  • Finish up by farming the best rolled Grand Body of Obsidian you can get. It grants an insane amount of Flat Armour that helps increase the survivability of the build and synergises greatly with Shattered Aegis and Throne of Ambition.
<strong>Empowered </strong><span><strong style="font-weight: bold">Drop Rate Blessings</strong></span>

These Empowered Blessings are flexible and depend on your current needs and goals.

These are valuable Empowered Drop Rate Blessings for this build:

  • Grand Winds of Fortune since this build can use many Unique Items.
  • Grand Enmity of the Clans helps you find more Exalted Crystal Swords.
  • Lastly, take Grand Talon of Granduer, Grand Vision of the Aurora or Grand Binds of Sanctuary depending on what type of Unique you are looking for.

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Idols grant your character bonuses when equipped in the dedicated Idol Container. Unlock all the slots of your Idol Container by completing the Campaign and some of its Side Quests. Remember that some Idols are Class specific and you won't be able to equip them with other non-compatible Classes.

These are the Idols recommended for this build:

  • Find 3 or 4 Grand Glass Idol with Mana And Armor. Ideally these will also have Mana on the prefix, but the suffix is the priority.
  • Complete your setup with a situational mix of Idols to cap your Resistances. For prefixes use Health Regeneration, Mana, Armour, Critical Strike Chance or Vitality.
  • Use Throne of Ambition for Boss fights. You can farm it in The Stolen Lance Empowered Monolith Timeline. It's a rare drop from God Hunter Argentus.
End Game Idols

Other useful Idol Affixes

  • Health
  • %Health
  • Vitality
  • Armour
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Increased Stun Chance
  • Void Resistance
  • Physical Resistance
  • Poison Resistance
  • Ward Retention
  • Melee Elemental Damage
  • Chance to Gain 20 Ward on Melee Hit

Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Idol Slots.
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