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Loot Filter Video Guide and other Resources for the Multishot Marksman Build.

Loot Filter

Loot Filters are critical in Last Epoch. Making sure you highlight all the related valuable Item Bases, Affixes, Uniques and Idols is crucial to ensure your character's progression. As your gear gets better, remember to hide the rules that are no longer useful to avoid screen clutter.

Here is the Endgame Loot Filter for this build:

Download HERE

Learn how to load and make Filters with our Loot Filter Guide.

Video Guide



Overall Multishot Marksman is a great build that can deal with all the content in the game. It's beginner friendly, great for party play and a great introduction to this Mastery!

  • Turn into a DPS turret and cover the screen with a deadly barrage of Physical projectiles. Channel Flurry to proc as many Multishots as possible thanks to Fusillade.
  • Fully embrace the playstyle of the build and enhance it with every component, making full use of the Grand Patience of Herkir Blessing, the Pavise Node and the All Resistances While Channelling Suffix.
  • Stay far away from your enemies!
  • Use Decoy to distract and group your enemies. Take advantage of this to reposition and DPS.
  • Stack the defensive buffs that Smoke Bomb and Shurikens provide.
  • Shift can save you from incoming Damage. Time it perfectly for the Damage Immunity!


Written by Lizard_IRL.
Reviewed by Facefoot, McFluffin.


Feb 5th 2023
Build Guide Created.