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Loot Filter Video Guide and other Resources for the Ignite Shield Rush Forge Guard Build.

Loot Filter

Loot Filters are critical in Last Epoch. Making sure you highlight all the related valuable Item Bases, Affixes, Uniques and Idols is crucial to ensure your character's progression. As your gear gets better, remember to hide the rules that are no longer useful to avoid screen clutter.

Here is the Endgame Loot Filter for this build:

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Learn how to load and make Filters with our Loot Filter Guide.

Video Guide


This chaotic Forge Guard build brutally charges across the battlefield with Shield Rush and Ignites anyone that gets on his path. Overall this Forge Guard is an amazing setup capable of completing all the content in the game. It's fast, has great AoE, good survivability and is one of the most fun builds in the game.

  • Use Shield Rush to charge across the battlefield and Ignite your enemies.
  • Thanks to the Maehlin's Hubris Gloves, all sources of Bleed Chance get converted to Ignite Chance.
  • Maintain 4 Sigils Of Hope up at all times for the amazing buffs they provide.
  • Lunge into battle, hit as many enemies as possible to stack the Crusader's Fury buff.
  • Use Abyssal Echoes and Volatile Reversal on top of enemies for extra Damage.
  • While they are not mandatory, Bleeding Heart, Wings of Argentus and Throne of Ambition are great Uniques that you want to get to scale the build to its full potential.


Written by Lizard_IRL.
Reviewed by Aristotelian, McFluffin.


Feb 5th 2023
Build Guide Created.