Hammerdin Paladin Guide


Hammerdin is an especially popular build from Diablo 2, and Last Epoch pays homage to it by offering a similar experience. This build stays relatively true to the D2 playstyle with Hammers spiraling throughout the battlefield, annihilating any enemies that are foolish enough to stand in the way.

When it comes to performance this build doesn't disappoint. Hammers fill the screen and can be left in your wake, making clear an easy and enjoyable task. Hammers can also shotgun, and you're able to throw three at once which gives great single target damage.

This setup doesn't require any Unique to function but benefits greatly from several. Bleeding Heart is tremendous for sustain, Bastion of Honour is a massive defensive boost and Prismatic Gaze is necessary to reach Crit cap.

Overall, the Hammerdin is an excellent throwback to the early days of ARPGs while still being fully capable of defeating all of the content in the game. It's easy to play, has great Damage and is relatively tanky. If you are looking for an iconic build that fills the battlefield with swirling hammers and may bring you a bit of nostalgia then this is the build for you!

End Game Gear Planner

Volatile Reversal

Sigils Of Hope


Holy Aura

Hammer Throw

This build guide assumes you have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with our Paladin Leveling Guide.
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Good Clear
Pretty Tanky ✔
Iconic Playstyle
Great Single Target Damage


Mana Management
Needs Gear To Crit Cap
Heavy Buff Management
Vulnerable To DoT Damage