Skills & Passives

Learn about the Skills, Gameplay and Passives for the Flame Reave Spellblade Build.


Flame Reave

Flame Reave is your main Damage Skill. This build takes advantage of the synergies between Rhythm of Fire, Versatility and Firebrand. Flame Reave returns to you thanks to Flame Caller and Sunwreath Ring turns its default cone shaped AoE into a giant circle; greatly increasing its clear potential.

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Firebrand's main function in this setup is to enhance your Flame Reave's Critical Strike Chance and Damage thanks to Illuminating Fire and Incineration. Stack these Nodes alongside Blade Weaver and Rhythm of Fire. Insulation and Pyroshielding also help the build defensively.

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Teleport is your Movement Skill. This setup also grants Elemental Resistances, Flat Armour and Global Cooldown Reduction for a duration on use. If you want complete Stun Immunity while doing harder content, spec Rock Phase and fully invest into Tunnel Finder instead of Comet Rush and Wormhole.

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Flame Ward

Flame Ward is a powerful Defensive Skill. The Damage Reduction it provides is just insane. You are extremely tanky while it's active but its duration is short! Dual Aegis is a crucial Node, as it provides a second charge for the ability. It also grants tons of Increased Fire Damage with Infusion!

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Enchant Weapon

Use Enchant Weapon to gain a massive Damage buff for a duration. It provides 50% More Elemental Melee Damage by default, increased Attack Speed with Celerity and Flat Fire Melee Damage thanks to Molten Steel while it's active. Place additional points in Immolating Strike for extra Ignite Chance.

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Alternative Skills & Tips

  • Adapt your Flame Reave's Skill Tree based on your gear. Exalted Level of Flame Reave opens up a ton of options, but you might not have it early on. If you have additional Skill Levels, take 2 Points on Slash and Burn to access the additional Damage Multiplier from Scorching Tide.
  • With enough Cooldown Reduction, you can have permanent Enchant Weapon uptime. If you reach that point, consider taking Kindling Blade to automatically refresh the buffs it provides.
  • This build can greatly benefit from the +1 To All Skills that Omnis provides.


Passives provide powerful effects that dictate the playstyle of a Class and its Masteries. Remember that you can allocate Passives on the first half of all Masteries regardless of the one you chose.

  1. Take Mage Flurry and Essence Duel for the Attack Speed.
  2. Mana Reaver provides Mana sustain for the build.
  3. Investing points into Arcanist and Elemental Affinity helps cap Elemental Resistances.
  4. Get Infused Weapon, Fire Blood and Prismatic Blade for the Flat Fire Melee Damage.
  5. Blade Weaver is a crucial offensive component for the build. Stack it by spamming Firebrand and consume it with Flame Reave.
  6. Arcane Shielding and Shattered Aegis are great for increasing the survivability of the build.
  7. Burden of Knowledge synergizes amazingly with Arcane Severance.
  8. Grab Arcane Flames provides an additional Fire Damage Multiplier.
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Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Passive Points.


This melee Spellblade wants to dive into enemies to fight them at close range. Make sure you are familiar with enemy mechanics to know when to use your Support Skills to stay alive. Pay attention to dangerous telegraphed attacks and be aware of ranged enemy threats.

Skill Usage/Rotation

  • Buff your defenses by casting Teleport.
  • Cast Enchant Weapon to buff your Damage momentarily.
  • Attack with Firebrand to stack Illuminating Fire and Rhythm of Fire to enhance your next Flame Reave. Each extra attack grants an additional Incineration and Blade Weaver stack.
  • Attack with Flame Reave and release a giant wave of destruction.
  • Use Flame Ward defensively before you take Damage.
  • Refresh your Teleport defensive buffs by casting it before they expire.


  • Group as many enemies as possible before attacking with Flame Reave to maximize its AoE.
  • Time Enchant Weapon and maximize the uptime of its buffs.
  • Use Teleport to leave dangerous enemies behind and traverse terrain gaps.


  • Take advantage of all your defensive buffs and keep them active.
  • Fully stack Blade Weaver and Incineration with Firebrand for maximum single target Damage.
  • Use Enchant Weapon during your DPS window against Bosses.
  • Flame Ward can save you from incoming Damage. Time it against dangerous telegraphed Boss attacks.

Advanced Skill Tips

  • Blade Weaver and Rhythm of Fire don't need you to hit enemies to gain a stack. Spam Firebrand while enemies run at you to fully stack it with anticipation.
  • Always refresh the buffs provided by Teleport before they expire.
  • Teleport is a blink and can be used to go over incoming attacks or terrain.
  • You can use Flame Ward preventively before you engage dangerous enemies.
  • Always hold one charge of Flame Ward for emergency situations.

Learn more about how to maximize your gameplay in the Build Scaling section of this guide.