Skills & Passives

Learn about the Skills, Gameplay and Passives for the Explosive Thorn Totem Shaman Build.


Spriggan Form

This is a permanent Spriggan Form build. You gain a new set of Skills, and Mana is replaced by Rage while Transformed. Thanks to the Spiked Totems Node your Summon Healing Totems benefit from the Summon Thorn Totem's Tree. This setup also needs a single Point in Unbound Garden.

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Summon Thorn Totem

The explosions caused by Summon Thorn Totem's Rotten Core Node are your main Damage. Maximize DPS with Ancient Power and On Astral Winds. Memories of Eterra is a must to sustain Rage while Transformed. This setup focuses on Critical Strike Chance, for that reason Lethal Thicket is crucial.

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Eterra's Blessing

This build can proc Eterra's Blessing while in Spriggan Form by casting Thorn Shield thanks to the Rosebloom Node. It provides decent Healing, a Knockback with Rebuke and a Cleanse with Purge. Additionally, Cyclone makes it cast Summon Healing Totem.

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Ice Thorns

Ice Thorns can't be manually casted while in Spriggan Form but thanks to the Bramble Armour and Spell Thorns Nodes, they have a chance to proc when you get hit, granting the Thorn Barrier buff. This buff can stack multiple times and it's a great way to ramp up the build's defenses when surrounded.

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Summon Spriggan

The Summon Spriggan Companion provides buffs that are especially valuable when playing with a group. Aura of Kinship grants additional Flat Spell Damage to your allies, resulting in a great Damage boost for your Summon Thorn Totem. This Companion can be hard to keep alive in the endgame so keep an eye on it.

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Alternative Skills & Tips

  • Summon Thorn Totem has several flexible Nodes. Additional Points in Lethal Thicket can help cap the Totem's Critical Strike Chance, but invest only the necessary Points. Consider allocating extra Points into Winterwood for additional Damage.
  • Consider investing more Points into Safeguard in Eterra's Blessing if you lack Resistances early on.
  • If you play in a Party, adjust the Summon Spriggan Tree accordingly, like grabbing Aura of Loyalty and Aura of Evasion over Warding Bark. If you play Solo, Aura of Retribution is less valuable.


Passives provide powerful effects that dictate the playstyle of a Class and its Masteries. Remember that you can allocate Passives on the first half of all Masteries regardless of the one you chose.

  1. Totemic Fury and Wind in the Leaves grant tons of Cast Speed.
  2. Grab Avatar of Thunder and Rune of Awe for the Minion Flat Spell Damage they provide.
  3. Ursine Strength, Boar Heart and Porcine Constitution provide insane Damage Reduction.
  4. Invest 5 Points into Berserker if you don't need Points in Protective Circle or Fate Carver for more survivability.
  5. Grab Ancestral Speed until you get 2 Grand Heorot Idols with Chance To Gain Haste For 3 Seconds When You Summon A Totem.
End Game Gear Planner

Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Passive Points.


This Shaman shapeshifts into Spriggan Form to spam Summon Healing Totems as fast as possible and chain Rotten Core explosions into its enemies from afar. Make sure you are familiar with enemy mechanics to know when to use your Support Skills to stay alive. Pay attention to their telegraphed attacks!

Skill Usage/Rotation

  • Summon the Summon Spriggan Companion.
  • Shapeshift into Spriggan Form.
  • Spam Summon Healing Totem, causing Rotten Core explosions from Summon Thorn Totem.
  • Use Thorn Shield to gain all the buffs from Eterra's Blessing when in danger.


  • Stay out of enemy range by casting Summon Healing Totem before they aggro you.
  • Make sure you keep Haste active by spamming Summon Healing Totem thanks to Grand Heorot Idol with Chance To Gain Haste For 3 Seconds When You Summon A Totem.
  • If you have Silvafrond, cast Summon Vines to Teleport around the map.


  • Use Thorn Shield against dangerous Boss attacks.
  • Take advantage of all your defensive buffs and keep them active.
  • If you have Silvafrond, cast Summon Vines to dodge telegraphed Boss attacks.

Advanced Skill Tips

  • Command your Summon Spriggan by pressing the "A" key on your keyboard to ensure it's always properly positioned and out of danger.
  • The buffs provided by Summon Spriggan stay active even when it's downed. Make sure you fully resurrect it after all threats are neutralized.
  • Use Thorn Shield to summon a single Summon Healing Totem thanks to the Ancestral Renewal Node inside Eterra's Blessing.

Learn more about how to maximize your gameplay in the Build Scaling section of this guide.