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Loot Filter, Video Guide and Resources for the Echo Warpath Voidknight Endgame Build.

Loot Filter

Loot Filters are critical in Last Epoch. Making sure you highlight all the related valuable Item Bases, Affixes, Uniques and Idols is crucial to ensure your character's progression. As your gear gets better, remember to hide the rules that are no longer useful to avoid screen clutter.

Here is the Endgame Loot Filter for this build:

Echo Warpath Filter

Learn how to load and make Filters with our Loot Filter Guide.

Video Guide

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This Void Knight embodies the "Spin 2 Win" fantasy that so many ARPG fans love. It is one of the easiest builds to play while also being very powerful and competitive. The build is good at all content but really shines in the Monolith of Fate and Arena due to its high Movement Speed, great AoE, survivability and single target DPS.

  • Spinning = Winning.
  • One of the easiest builds to play thanks to a light rotation which also makes it disability friendly.
  • High Movement Speed that scales with Added Melee Void Damage thanks to Darkstride makes this a great endgame Mapper.
  • Echoes let you clear packs while staying mobile, making this build great for both Mapping and Arena.
  • Take advantage of Warpath's Channel and Movement tags to keep 100% uptime on Wings of Argentus, All Resistances While Channelling and Grand Patience of Herkir
  • A Legendary Apathy's Maw with Melee Critical Strike Chance takes this build to the next level.


Written by McFluffin.
Reviewed by Lizard_IRL, Facefoot.


Mar 7th 2023
Build Guide Created.