Skills & Passives

Learn about the Skills, Gameplay and Passives for the Earthquake Werebear Druid Build.


Werebear Form

This is a permanent Werebear Form build. You gain a new set of Skills and Mana is replaced by Rage while Transformed. Equip Bhuldar's Wrath and spec into Tremor Slam to proc Earthquake and Upheaval after using Maul. Use Skull Crusher so Maul benefits from Fury Leap's Tree.

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Earthquake is your main Damage Skill. This setup converts all of its Damage to Fire with Bhuldar's Wrath. Use Seismic Tide for its initial hit to occur 3 times. Spec into Rupture, Staggering Force, Concussion, Potency and Crushing Wake Nodes to enhance its burst Damage.

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This build procs Upheaval while Transformed granting additional DPS thanks to the Tremor Slam Node inside Werebear Form. Take Excavating Blow and Erupting Earth for the additional AoE. Unstoppable Strength, Brutish Engagement and Earthbreaker grant great Damage Multipliers.

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Fury Leap

You get access to Maul while Transformed, this Skill benefits from the Fury Leap Tree thanks to the Skull Crusher Node inside Werebear Form. Pull enemies close to you with Gravity and reduce your Maul's Cooldown with Panther Strike. Get Rise and Poisonous Thicket to Summon Vines.

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Spriggan Form

Since your Mana turns into Rage while in Werebear Form, this build utilizes Garden of Rage to turn your Summon Vines into Rage generators. Summon Vines by using Maul with the Rise Node inside Fury Leap. Proc Thorn Shield when hit thanks to Thicket of Thorns in the Druid Passive Tree.

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Alternative Skills & Tips

  • You can spec Summon Spriggan with Aura of Retribution over Upheaval if you need the stats it provides early on or you don't have enough Rage sustain. This Minion is hard to keep alive in the end game but is helpful early on and for party play.
  • Put Points into Ursine Heart inside Werebear Form to cap your Endurance if necessary. If your Rage sustain is high enough, take Points out of Invigoration and invest them where you need.
  • If your Rage sustain is not high enough while Transformed, don't take Excavating Blow inside Upheaval and invest into Primal Bulwark for additional defense.
  • Consider using Tears of the Forest if need more Rage sustain.
  • If you have 26 Levels on Earthquake, grab Unabating if you want even more Damage.


Passives provide powerful effects that dictate the playstyle of a Class and its Masteries. Remember that you can allocate Passives on the first half of all Masteries regardless of the one you chose.

  1. Take Strength, Health, Critical Strike Chance and Fire Penetration related Nodes.
  2. Survival of the Pack and Bush Stalker are crucial for the Melee Leech they provide.
  3. Tempest Form ensures Shatterquake is easy to proc.
  4. Rancour and Rageborn are great to avoid running out of Rage while in Werebear Form.
  5. Berserker, Ursine Strength and Boar Heart provide insane Damage Reduction.
  6. Investing points into Natural Attunement helps cap Elemental Resistances.
  7. Thicket of Thorns allows you to proc Thorn Shield while in Werebear Form.
  8. Invest into Hideskin for the extra tankiness if you don't need the extra Rage sustain from Rageborn.
End Game Gear Planner

Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Passive Points.


This Druid uses Maul on Cooldown, Rampages through the battlefield and groups up big enemy packs before releasing Earthquake's destructive explosions. Make sure you are familiar with enemy mechanics to know when to use your Support Skills to stay alive. Pay attention to their telegraphed attacks!

Skill Usage/Rotation

  • Shapeshift into Werebear Form.
  • Rampage towards enemy packs.
  • Use Maul to proc Earthquake and Upheaval.
  • Summon Vines generate Rage as you attack with Maul or Rampage to the next enemy pack.
  • Use Maul to proc Upheaval. Repeat.
  • If you run out of Rage, wait for Werebear Form's Cooldown.


  • Rush to the objective with Rampage.
  • Group mobs before using Maul to maximize the AoE from Earthquake and Upheaval.
  • Attack big groups of enemies with Maul to proc Primal Strength.


  • Take advantage of all your defensive buffs and keep them active.
  • Focus on avoiding attacks while you wait for Maul's Cooldown.
  • Hit the Boss with all the explosions from Earthquake.
  • Make sure you apply Chill to your targets before proccing Earthquake to benefit from Shatterquake.

Advanced Skill Tips

  • Make sure your Summon Vines generate enough Rage before spending more Rage. Consider using Tears of the Forest for more Rage generation.
  • Cast Roar to stun enemies before using Maul.
  • Maul is a leap and can be used to go over tiny walls and terrain gaps.
  • Lower your Maul's Cooldown to 2.5 seconds to ensure Bhuldar's Wrath procs Earthquake every other use of the ability.

Learn more about how to maximize your gameplay in the Build Scaling section of this guide.