Build Scaling & Endgame

Learn how to scale your Damage and Defense in the Cold Dot Werebear Druid Build to reach the different Endgame Activities like the Monolith, Dungeons and Arena.

Build Scaling

This Druid uses permanent Werebear Form to unleash Entangling Roots and Maelstroms for Damage. Both abilities are Cold Damage Over Time Spells that scale with the same stats. This build also has great survivability thanks to the multiple defensive layers it can take advantage of.

  • Adaptive Spell Damage: With Entangling Roots's 200% Added Damage Effectiveness per second on its DoT component and the Damage Multipliers it has access to, you want to stack as much Flat Damage as possible. Maelstrom has 60% Added Damage Effectiveness per second and you can have multiple at the same time. Thanks to the Wisened Claws Node inside of Werebear Form, you gain 1 Adaptive Spell Damage per point of Strength while Transformed.
  • Strength: This build gains 1 Adaptive Spell Damage per point while in Werebear Form. Additionally it grants 4% Armour per point, which adds a nice defensive layer for the build.
  • Melee Attack Speed: The faster you attack with Swipe the more Maelstroms you proc with Ursine Storm and Ailments you apply. Roar's Berserker buff grants up to 60% Melee Attack Speed thanks to Warcry's Fury Strikes Node.
  • Elemental Damage Over Time: This powerful Prefix has some of the highest numerical values of any offensive Affix in the game. This is a priority when it comes to scaling this build and its main source of Increased Damage.
  • Throne of Ambition: Provides an insane DPS boost while fighting Bosses.
  • Attunement: Entangling Roots and Maelstrom gain 4% Damage per point of Attunement. Get at least 60 Attunement to double the Damage from Maelstrom's Turbulence Node.
  • Level of Entangling Roots: Get this Prefix on your Helmet to invest extra Points into Noxious Grasp and Lethal Spines.
  • Level of Warcry: Allows you to invest Points into Frost Claw for more increased Cold Damage.
  • Cold Penetration: Causes enemies to take More Cold Damage. Mainly obtained through Passives for this build. Combining Shamanic Infusion, Primordial Resonance and Piercing Gale grants 42% total Cold Penetration.
  • Grand Rage of Winter: Use Swipe to apply 10 stacks of Cold Resistance Shred to your targets. 10 stacks increase the Cold Damage enemies take by 50%. This Blessing plays a big part on your single target DPS, so make sure you roll it nicely (45%+) and as early as possible.
  • Immobilize: Entangling Roots Immobilizes enemies in place when they get hit by it. The duration of the Immobilize can be extended with the Entrapped Node.
  • Roar: Grants a brief Damage Immunity thanks to Warcry's Juggernaut Node.
  • Berserker: Provides 25% Damage Reduction when you are below 35% of your total Health. This Passive has insane synergy with Hideskin and Endurance.
  • Endurance: A defensive mechanic that allows you to take up to 60% less Damage while below a certain Health threshold. Thanks to Hideskin your base Endurance Threshold is 30% of your total Health.
  • Ursine Strength: Grants 16% Damage Reduction against Nearby enemies.
  • Aspect of the Boar: Combining Boar Heart with Porcine Constitution grants it 30% Damage Reduction. Proc it with Swipe and Maul thanks to Primal Strength.
  • Impervious: This setup can afford 3 points in this powerful Passive. The Damage Reduction its stacks provide are really handy when fighting isolated Bosses. The stacks can easily be sustained by spamming Swipe.
  • Armour Mitigation: This setup can get insanely high Armour. Combine the Armour from your Item Implicits, Grand Body of Obsidian Blessing, Thorn Shield stacks and all the Strength this build has to reach 50% to 70%+ Mitigation. Thanks to Throne of Ambition this Mitigation increases to 80%+ while Bossing. This is huge on top of all the other defensive layers the build has.
  • Health: This build can stack a huge Health pool that can surpass the 5000 mark. Health is very effective when combined with all the other defensive layers the Druid has access to. Primalist has access to Large Nomad Idols with %Health; not all Classes have access to these amazing Idols!
  • Spell Leech: Grand Hunger of the Void provides decent Leech for the build. Entangling Roots has some built in Leech thanks to the Reclamation Node.
  • Chill and Slow: Are Ailments that greatly reduce the Action and Movement Speed of your enemies. They are must haves on most builds, especially once you reach hard content with insane speed modifiers.
  • Frailty: This Ailment reduces the Damage dealt by enemies by 6% for 4 seconds. Stacks 3 times.
  • Ward and Ailment Cleansing on Potion Use: Cleanse all Ailments on Potion use.
  • Aurora's Time Glass: This powerful Unique can save you from dangerous situations. Make sure its internal CD is ready before you engage your enemies.

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Recommended End Game Activities

Last Epoch has multiple end game activities with completely different roles and rewards. All the builds in have been tested and are designed to complete all available content. However, not all builds excel at doing the same activities. Make sure you are familiar with the end game strengths and weaknesses of your character.


The Monolith of Fate is the main end game system. Most of your character gear upgrades are found here. Once you get all of your desired Empowered Blessings, you can start pushing Corruption to increase your chances at finding incredible Exalted Items. The Monolith of Fate rewards speedy builds that are able to target farm Echo Reward Nodes or stack Timeline Stability as fast as possible.

This Druid is one of the best Monolith of Fate farmers. It's very safe, super fast and has great AoE. Since it's also a super tanky build, it's an amazing setup for farming difficult content in high Corruption.

Monolith Goals

Monolith Timelines

Your goals in the Monolith of Fate will differ greatly depending on what build you play and what stage your character progression is at. Here are the objectives you should aim at when playing this build:

  1. Reach Empowered Monolith as fast as possible.
  2. Farm your Combat Empowered Blessings. Prioritize gaining Timeline Stability and fight the Timeline Bosses as often as possible. Once you are done with one Timeline, move to the next one. Reach 200 Corruption to farm your desired Blessings faster, as it unlocks a 5th option to choose from after you defeat a Timeline Boss. Defeat the Shade of Orobyss to gain and transfer Corruption between Timelines.
  3. Farm your first Drop Rate Empowered Blessing in The Stolen Lance Empowered Monolith Timeline. Here you should also farm Throne of Ambition until you get it.
  4. Finish up the rest of your Drop Rate Empowered Blessings.
  5. Farm for key Uniques.
  6. As you farm for Uniques, stack Corruption as high as your gear can handle. The higher Corruption you do, the more Items you find. Get your character ready for the other end game activities.

Monolith Modifiers

Every time you choose an Echo a Modifier comes attached with it, adding difficulty and changing how enemies behave. These Modifiers stay active for a maximum of 6 Echoes and stack with each other. Some Modifiers can handicap your build immensely while others can almost be ignored. Monolith Modifiers scale with Corruption and increase the Item Rarity of Echoes. Ideally you want to do the hardest content possible, without delaying your clear times. Keep up Item Rarity as high as you can without it slowing you down.

Easy Modifiers

  • Enemy Critical Strike Avoidance.
  • Enemy Critical Strike Chance (Once you have 100% Critical Strike Avoidance).
  • Enemy chance to receive a Glancing Blow.
  • Increased enemy Movement Speed.

Avoid these Modifiers

  • High health enemies take less damage.
  • High health enemies deal increased damage.
  • Enemy chance to Dodge.
  • While bossing: enemies Enrage at half health and enemies gain Frenzy and Haste when hit.

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Dungeons are another important end game activity. All of them have an unique reward system attached that can only be accessed by defatting the Boss guarding it. They are divided by 4 Tiers of difficulty; it might take you some time to have a character strong enough to defeat Tier 4. Remember, Dungeons require specific Keys to enter them.

This Druid is a decent Dungeon farmer due to its survivability but quite slow at killing T4 Bosses. However, it can facetank most of their mechanics so it has an easy time with all the Dungeons.

Dungeon Tips

Dungeon Entrance

When it comes to Dungeons, each build has different needs and should focus on the ones that fulfill them. Remember, each Dungeon comes with an unique Dungeon Skill. Make sure you are familiar with the different Dungeon Skills, Boss fights and Rewards before you attempt them.

Recommended Dungeons for this build:

  • Temporal Sanctum: You only need to interact with the Eternity Cache to upgrade any desirable Uniques you find with Legendary Potential. The Boss fight against Chronomancer Julra is fairly easy for any Druid, as many of her telegraphed attacks can be ignored by timing Roar's Immunity or straight up face tanked with ease. The single target DPS might be low, but it's hard to die here with this build.
  • Lightless Arbour: While the gold sink in the Vault of Uncertain Fate is not necessary for this build to progress, it has a good time dealing with The Mountain Beneath and, thanks to Roar's Immunity, his most dangerous attacks can be trivialized. The Stone Titan's Heart is easier, just make sure to use Roar for its moving lasers. Run this Dungeon when you have some excess Gold, be careful as it gets expensive really fast!
  • Soulfire Bastion: Make sure you pay attention to the Damage type on the floor while fighting Fire Lich Cremorus and save Roar to immune the big telegraphed attacks. Overall this Dungeon and the Soul Gambler are low priority as nothing attached to them is relevant for the build.

Remember that T4 Dungeons are hard pinnacle content that can only be defeated with well geared characters. If your build struggles against a particular Dungeon you can always dedicate a different setup that shines against it to earn its reward. This is not possible if you play in any of the Solo Game Modes.

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Endless Arena

The Endless Arena is the main competitive game mode. It's all about the Ladder! While you might get some upgrades, the other end game activities are far superior for gearing up. The Endless Arena is not for everyone and only the best builds and players can reach the top. You need an Arena Key or an Arena Key of Memory to enter.

This Druid build is decent for competing in the Endless Arena, especially because it's very tanky and easy to play. However, its Cooldown based gameplay struggles against high Waves, where DPS downtime is always punished by enemies.

Endless Arena Tips

Arena Entrance

Adjusting your playstyle to the build you are playing is mandatory to reach high waves. Use the easy early waves as a practice tool; learning about wave management, developing good habits and limit testing your build are very important things to become a better Endless Arena player.

Tips for playing this build in Arena:

  • Make sure you always keep track of all 4 enemy packs. New waves do not spawn as long as there are two enemies of the current wave alive. Finish them up at the right time!
  • As a melee caster hybrid build it's crucial to know when to go in. Find the perfect window to engage!
  • Don't ever stand still! Always kite melee enemies so you can hit them but they can't hit you.
  • Target ranged threats first. Deal with the rest of enemies once the ranged ones are taken care of.
  • Enemy homing projectiles are really dangerous. Use Roar's Immunity or hide behind terrain.
  • Make sure you use the big AoE from Entangling Roots to full effect, line it up perfectly to hit everything that is a priority target.
  • Hold Rampage to disengage for emergency situations.

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