Gear Progression

Learn about Item, Gear Progression and Gear Stat Priorities for the Rogue Bladedancer Leveling Build.

Bladedancer Gear Progression

While we make recommendations for all items make sure you pay special attention to your weapon. Weapons are a core part of your character's power and getting a higher level base weapon increases your damage significantly. A good way to get better weapon bases is to buy them at the Gambler NPC in the Council Chamber town and in the End of Time town. Upgrade or buy your next weapon each time you reach the appropriate level.

If you are lucky you might get a Rune of Ascendance while leveling. Use this first on a belt to get a unique belt such as Vipertail, Thorn Slinger, Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding or Legacy of the Quiet Forest.

You might also drop useful uniques for this build such as Zerrick's Ambition, Suloron's Step, Bastion of Honour, Li'raka's Claws, Mourningfrost, Bleeding Heart and Arboreal Circuit.

Gear Stats Priorities


  • Vitality to bump your health up. Getting your health pool as high as possible is very important.
  • Physical Penetration with Shadow Daggers is the biggest boosts possible to your damage.
  • Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed makes your experience smoother as it makes Decoy and Shift available more often.
  • Melee Physical Damage and Throwing Attack Damage are pretty substantial boost to your damage as they increase the base damage.
  • Critical Strike Multiplier and Critical Strike Multiplier while dual wielding are also good boosts to your damage as they multiply your damage.
  • Physical Damage and Melee Damage are good to increase your clearing damage.
  • Level of Puncture, Level of Dancing Strikes, Level of Shift, Level of Umbral Blades, Level of Smoke Bomb and Level of Decoy are very important as skill tree nodes provides a substantial boost to your character power.


  • Health, Health and Hybrid Health to bump your health up. Getting your health pool as high as possible is very important.
  • Fire Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Cold Resistance, Physical Resistance, Necrotic Resistance and Void Resistance to get your resistances to 75%. This is your second layer of defense, getting it capped to 75% is not vital.
  • Dodge Rating and Armour are less important than health and resistances. This is your third layer of defense, getting some is useful, as you get 15% Dodge and Armour with little amount.
  • Chance to Chill on Hit, Chance to Slow on Hit and Chance to Apply Frailty on Hit are great secondary defensive stats.
  • Health Regen Per Second is a very effective way to regen health early, but it quickly falls off once you get other ways to regen.
  • Chance to Bleed on Hit, Chance to Poison on Hit and Chance to Ignite on Hit makes up most of your damage early in the campaign. Once you spec Umbral Blades, they loose all their value.


  • Health, Health, Vitality, Dodge Rating if Hit Recently and resistances for extra defences.
  • Critical Strike Multiplier while Dual Wielding, Physical Penetration while wielding a Dagger, Physical Penetration with Shadow Daggers , Increased Area with Dancing Strikes, Increased Armour Shred Effect, Chance to Shred Armour on Melee Hit and Increased Damage while wielding a Dagger for big damage boosts.
  • Chance to Bleed on Hit, Chance to Ignite on Hit and Chance to Poison on Hit for extra damage in the first 20 levels.

Gearing Step by Step

  • Level 2: Any Two Handed Weapon, two Jade Ring and Ruby Amulet.
  • Level 4: Venom Phial and Bandit Garb.
  • Level 6: Birch Bow and a Light Quiver, with Chance to Ignite on Hit, Chance to Bleed on Hit or Chance to Poison on Hit if possible.
  • Level 8: Refuge Boots
  • Level 11: Start equipping Idols with Vitality, any type of resistance, Health, Health on Kill, Chance To Bleed On Hit, Chance To Poison On Hit and Chance To Ignite On Hit.
  • Level 13: Salvaged Bow.
  • Level 19: Plated Belt.
  • Level 23: Weathered Coins, two Sacrificial Knife and Outcast Boots.
  • Level 25: Two Gold Ring.
Items at level 27