Inna Tempest Rush Monk Guide

Inna TR Solo Push


Welcome to Inna Tempest Rush Monk guide! Turns out having one skill with significantly stronger supporting legendaries than all the others pushes that one build to the top of all the leaderboards.

Compared to other versions of this build, Inna's Mantra is third in terms of damage, beating only the Legacy of Dreams version. But even that battle can be lost because LoD can use Shi Mizu's Haori. That variant beats Inna handily and goes on to compete with Patterns of Justice for the title of the second strongest Tempest Rush build.

In terms of speed GRs nothing can come close to Patterns of Justice, and Inna's Mantra is no exception. It is however, an excellent Nephalem Rift build: just throw in In-Geom and Dashing Strike and you're good to go. Follower changes in Season 23 allow every build to use Cain's Destiny and Sage's Journey which is especially useful for this build because normally it can't include either.

A combination of smooth gameplay and devastating damage make this build a very fun and competitive. Let's dive in and learn what makes it so great!

Spin To Win ✔
Kills Trash And Bosses ✔
Has an Army of Mystic Allies ✔
Gigantic Icy Bombs Of Damage ✔

Requires Resource Management
❌ Strict RCR and CDR requirements
❌ Wormholes and Trees Make You Cry

Useless Outside of Inna Leaderboards

Core Setup

Core Item Build


  • Inna's Mantra provides a huge 9,500% global damage multiplier along with a bunch of passive effects from Mantras and Mystic Allies, most importantly +80% Life, +40% All Resistance and +56% additive damage.
  • Won Khim Lau gives 600% damage and causes Tempest Rush to cast Cyclone Strike.
  • Cesar's Memento increases damage to enemies that are blinded, stunned or frozen by 800%.
  • Balance gives 600% damage to Tempest Rush and 100% Critical Hit Chance if it hits 3 or less enemies (awesome for killing the Rift Guardian).
  • The Crudest Boots are a complimentary item to Inna's Mantra set doubling the number of your Mystic Allies and thus the 6-piece damage bonus.
  • Mantle of Channeling gives 25% multiplicative damage and 25% damage reduction.
  • The Laws of Seph provides Spirit necessary to keep channeling Tempest Rush.
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac lets us reset all our cooldowns.
  • Squirt's Necklace provides between 20% and 100% increased damage thanks to Serenity.

Global Stat Priorities
Stack about 55% Cooldown Reduction to reset your Epiphany in time. Get 2 Resource Cost Reduction rolls (Shoulder, Weapon, Gloves). Get at least one Life per Hit roll (Weapons, Bracer) for recovery. Aim to get All Resistance on your Belt, Pants and Boots and Secondary Resistances for Harmony passive on all other pieces. Our offensive priorities are: Cold Damage > Critical Hit Chance > Critical Hit Damage ~ Damage Range > Area Damage > Tempest Rush Damage.

Assembling the Build

1. Do the Challenge Rift for the materials to cube Legendary Powers. You can complete this once a week for additional resources and we always update the guide for you!

2. Gather the full Inna's Mantra set (minus the weapon). Each piece can be gambled from Kadala for Bloodshards. Do not salvage any duplicate pieces you find! Instead convert them to another part of the set with Recipe 4 in Kanai's Cube. If you have extra materials you can use Recipe 3 to craft the remaining pieces, but this is expensive and not recommended for new players.

3. Gamble from Kadala in this order:

  1. Inna's Mantra set pieces
  2. Cesar's Memento and Nemesis Bracers
  3. The Crudest Boots
  4. Goldwrap
  5. Mantle of Channeling

4. Craft using Recipe 3 in Kanai's Cube in this order:

  1. Fist Weapons to get Won Khim Lau
  2. Daibos to get Balance
  3. Create a level 1 Demon Hunter and upgrade 1-Handed Swords to get In-Geom
  4. Rings to get Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and Stone of Jordan
  5. Anything from the Gamble list in Step 3 that you haven't already acquired.

5. Do Bounties to acquire several important items for this build:

  • Act 1: Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Act 2: Gloves of Worship (for your follower)
  • Act 3: Avarice Band
  • Act 4: Can drop any bounty item from any act
  • Bounty Turn In: Recipes for Sage's Journey and Cain's Destiny sets (for your follower)

6. At this point you can comfortably farm Nephalem Rifts or low GRs where you can find all the remaining items you need for different variants of the build. It's better to spend your mats improving your set pieces, getting ancient weapons etc.

Item Stat Priorities

Pig Sticker
Balance (Cubed)
1. Damage Range
2. Socket Ramaladni's Gift
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Area Damage
5. Resource Cost Reduction
6. Life per Hit
Off-HandWon Khim Lau1. Damage Range
2. Socket Ramaladni's Gift
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Area Damage
5. Resource Cost Reduction
5. Life per Hit
HelmInna's Radiance1. Critical Hit Chance
2. Tempest Rush Damage
3. Socket Flawless Royal Diamond
4. Dexterity
GlovesInna's Hold1. Cooldown Reduction
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Critical Hit Damage
4. Area Damage
ShouldersMantle of Channeling
Lefebvre's Soliloquy
1. Cooldown Reduction
2. Area Damage
3. Resource Cost Reduction
4. Dexterity
Chest Inna's Vast Expanse1. Sockets Flawless Royal Diamond
2. Dexterity
3. Elite Damage Reduction
4. All Resistance
5. Vitality
PantsInna's Temperance1. Dexterity
2. Sockets Flawless Royal Diamond
3. All Resistance
4. Vitality
BootsInna's Sandals
The Crudest Boots (Cubed)
1. Tempest Rush Damage
2. Dexterity
3. All Resistance
4. Vitality
Ring 1Convention of Elements
Avarice Band (A3 Bounties)
Stone of Jordan
1. Socket
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Damage Range
4. Critical Hit Damage
5. Area Damage
Ring 2Obsidian Ring of The Zodiac
Ring of Royal Grandeur (A1 Bounties, Cubed)
1. Socket
2. Cooldown Reduction
3. Critical Hit Chance
4. Attack Speed
BracersCesar's Memento
Nemesis Bracers
1. Cold Damage
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Dexterity
4. Life per Hit
AmuletSquirt's Necklace1. Socket
2. Cold Damage
3. Critical Hit Damage
4. Critical Hit Chance
BeltInna's Favor
1. All Resistance
2. Dexterity
3. Vitality
4. Life %


  • Bane of the Trapped provides 60% increased damage to slowed enemies.
  • Taeguk gives 80% additive damage and 20% armor.
  • Boon of the Hoarder makes monsters spray gold everywhere for our Goldwrap and 30% increased movement speed for T16 content.
  • Bane of the Stricken gives up to 2.3% increased damage on successive attacks against the same target. We'll need this gem if we want to solo push to kill the Rift Guardian.


  • Tempest Rush Flurry is our damage dealer that blows up everything around us when we choose to release it. We will channel this skill until we have 100 stacks of Flurry to unleash an icy explosion of death.
  • Epiphany Desert Shroud gives 50% damage reduction and allows us to teleport to monsters with our melee attacks.
  • Blinding Flash Faith in the Light gives us 29% additive damage and activates our Cesar's Memento.
  • Mantra of Salvation Agility gives 20% all resistance and 35% dodge.
  • Mystic Ally refills our Life and Spirit and can temporarily increase the damage from Inna's Mantra (6) Bonus.
  • Serenity Ascension makes you immune to damage and crowd controlling effects for 4 seconds, letting us build a couple of Squirt's Necklace stacks.


  • Beacon of Ytar gives 20% Cooldown Reduction to keep Epiphany up.
  • Seize the Initiative gives 30% Attack Speed when hitting enemies above 75% health.
  • Harmony gives 40% of Secondary Resistances on items to All Resistance.
  • The Guardian's Path gives us 35% dodge.
  • Near Death Experience is used in Nephalem Rifts to prevent accidental oneshots.

Paragon Points

1. Movement Speed1. Cooldown Reduction1. All Resistance1. Area Damage
2. Maximum Spirit2. Critical Hit Chance2. Life %2. Resource Cost Reduction
3. Vitality (to 1.2m health)3. Critical Hit Damage3. Armor3. Life per Hit
4. Dexterity4. Attack Speed4. Life Regeneration4. Pickup Radius


Patch 2.7.0 revamped the follower system giving all 3 hirelings new powers and the emanate system. The first thing you should do is read our complete follower guide and remember the key takeaways:

  1. The emanation system allows followers to share certain legendary and set powers with you. The most important ones are: The Flavor of Time, Nemesis Bracers, Avarice Band, Sage’s Journey and Cain’s Destiny. Click the guide above for the full list.
  2. Follower’s powers are based on their mainstat (maxed at 25,000, but they have a 2.5x multiplier so you only need 10,000). This means we stack Intelligence on the Enchantress, Dexterity on the Scoundrel and Strength on the Templar.
  3. Followers share 20% of their Experience, Magic and Gold Find stats with you.
  4. Legendary gems do not work on followers, except Esoteric Alteration and Mutilation Guard.
  5. Cooldown Reduction does not work for any follower skill except the Templar’s Heal.
  6. Followers never deal significant damage; you’re on your own to clear the content.

With these in mind, let’s get into our recommendations for this build.

T16 Enchantress

T16 Enchantress

For T16 we recommend this Enchantress setup because she is the only follower that gives Cooldown Reduction, allowing you to spam your abilities more. Since this is T16 content, she’ll stay alive with Esoteric Alteration and Mutilation Guard and use Hand of the Prophet to gain all skills. This will give us Cooldown Reduction, Elemental Damage, Reduced Damage from Ranged Attacks, Armor, Attack Speed, and a Cheat Death.

Stat Priorities:

Since we do not have the immortality focus, we need to stack survivability on our Enchantress.

Intelligence > Vitality > Life % > Armor > All Resistance > Life Per Hit > Attack Speed.

Key Items:

  • The Flavor of Time: For double duration on Pylons.
  • Nemesis Bracers: For extra Elites, Death’s Breaths and In-geom procs.
  • Avarice Band: For the insane pickup radius.
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur: To complete our sets.
  • Gloves of Worship: For 10 Minute Shrine Buffs.
  • Sage’s Journey: For double Death’s Breaths.
  • Cain’s Destiny: For 25% more Greater Rift Keystones.

GR Pushing Scoundrel

GR Pushing Scoundrel

For Greater Rift Pushing we recommend this Scoundrel setup for the Critical Hit Chance from Anatomy, 10% increased damage from Piercing Shot, and the insane Critical Hit Chance cloud from Night’s Veil.

Stat Priorities:

Since we have the immortality token, we do not need to stack survivability on our Scoundrel.

Dexterity > Attack Speed.

Key Items:

  • The Flavor of Time: For double duration on Pylons.
  • Nemesis Bracers: For more progression from Elites.
  • Oculus Ring: For 85% increased damage.
  • Unity: For 50% damage reduction if you're also wearing one.
  • Ice Climbers: To make your follower immune to Freeze and Immobilize effects.
  • Leoric's Crown and Cain's Destiny: For more Experience and Attack Speed.


The entire gameplay revolves your Convention of Elements. Generally you should follow this rotation:

  1. Cast Epiphany every 15 seconds. If you can't reset its cooldown in time, use Serenity to cover the gap.
  2. Use Mystic Ally twice per cycle to keep your Spirit up. Once before each boom and once somewhere on Lightning.
  3. Hold down Tempest Rush.
  4. At the end of Physical use Serenity and Blinding Flash and try to kill a low HP monster to spawn an Oculus Ring.
  5. Move into Oculus if it spawned, and just before Serenity expires use Blinding Flash, Mystic Ally and immediately release Tempest Rush.
  6. Start channeling Tempest Rush again.

You should always have either Epiphany or Serenity active. Any form of crowd control (Jailer, Frozen, Vortex, Knockback, Nightmarish) fill interrupt your Tempest Rush making you lose Flurry stacks! Wormhole and root attack from Tree elites will do so even if you are CC immune! One or two Wormholes on an open map you can usually dodge, but Trees must always be skipped.


Use Near Death Experience instead of Seize the Initiative or Harmony. If you want more toughness drop Mantle of Channeling for Lefebvre's Soliloquy.


Nephalem Rifts
T16 Keys

This is a Tempest Rush monk build and simply throwing in In-Geom and Dashing Strike is enough to turn it into a top tier Nephalem Rift build. We use Epiphany Insight to resolve all our resource issues. Cyclone Strike Wall of Wind on the bar automatically procs Cesar's Memento for us. We change the Tempest Rush rune to Electric Field for extra AoE. Finally we finish off the build with a bunch of movement speed and the standard T16 Gold package: Goldwrap, Boon of the Hoarder, Avarice Band.


The idea here is to fly as fast as possible from elite to elite, channeling Tempest Rush all the time. If we consistently kill elites and keep our In-geom up, we'll be able to spam our abilities permanently. You can use Dashing Strike to quickly move forward to find elites and move through bad maps.

  1. Spam Epiphany and Breath of Heaven.
  2. Cast Mantra of Healing every 2.5 seconds to protect your Squirt's Necklace buff.
  3. Hold down Tempest Rush to annihilate everything in sight!

When playing in groups, you need to cube Nemesis Bracers and replace Convention of Elements with Avarice Band. If you have enough damage, you can drop Taeguk for Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard. This lets your mantra finger relax a bit and you also gain 30% Movement Speed from Mantra of Conviction Annihilation.

GR Solo Push
Solo Push

In pushing build we maximize our damage and toughness by using Convention of Elements and Unity. Pig Sticker is the best choice for our second weapon because of extra primary affix and damage to Beasts and Humans.

Your damage rotation is described in detail in the section above. Look for an open map, create a big pack of monsters and slowly drag it through the rift by teleporting your follower forward after every rotation. Be careful when running ahead and not hitting any monsters! You don't get any Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac procs and risk losing Epiphany or running out of Spirit!

You need to be extra careful when taking a Speed Pylon. With more Attack Speed you drain Spirit much faster so you need to use Mystic Ally 3 times per rotation. Additionally you can lose your Flurry stacks if you move your mouse cursor too close to your character. Keep it at least 10 yards away at all times! If you are not confident in your ability to pull this off, skip the Pylon. It only gives about 18% DPS, so failing just one rotation out of 6 will end up being a net loss.

If you cannot find a good Pig Sticker, Gift of Silaria can be a suitable replacement.

If you are lacking survivability, change Pig Sticker for The Burning Axe of Sankis for 35% damage reduction. Another option here is using Lefebvre's Soliloquy instead of Mantle of Channeling.

If you don't have the recommended 23% RCR, use Blinding Flash Replenishing Light to help with Spirit generation.

At very high Paragon (4,000+) levels you can drop The Guardian's Path for Relentless Assault for more damage.

Video Guide

In Production.


Tempest Rush Flurry

  • Gains 5 stacks per second, with a cap of 100 stacks. This takes 20 seconds which is a full Convention of Elements rotation, which is why you must start channeling immediately after you detonate.
  • If you stop channeling Tempest Rush for any reason, your Flurry stacks will reset to 0. This includes being: knocked back, frozen, stunned, wormholed, jailed, or even unwanted teleports from Epiphany, which are usually caused when you approach monsters with a very large hitbox.
  • The explosion scales with Attack Speed as a separate multiplier.
  • You will lose all stacks if you try to Tempest Rush in place by moving your cursor close to the screen's center. The radius of the "dead zone" in the middle of your screen is proportional to your Movement Speed times your latency. If you have just 25% from Paragon and less than 100ms ping, then this zone will be just couple of pixels wide and it's nearly impossible to hit it without specifically trying. But if you stack some Movement Speed (e.g. Warzechian Armguards, Speed Pylon) and/or play not in your home region, the "dead zone" can become quite large and you will have to take conscious effort to avoid it.

Blinding Flash

  • The blind lasts for 3 seconds if the monsters are not under diminishing returns. You can use it at the start of the Cold Convention of Elements cycle and wait until the very end to release your Tempest Rush because Cesar's Memento lasts for 5 seconds. In other words, the blind doesn't have to happen the instant you release your Flurry stacks, there is a window of time there you can sometimes use to your advantage, for example to spawn an Oculus Ring.

Inna's Mantra (6) Bonus

  • Provides a separate global damage multiplier of 950% per each active Mystic Ally.
  • 5 Allies are summoned by default giving you 4750% damage.
  • The Crudest Boots double the number of Allies and thus the damage bonus to 9500%.
  • The clone spawned by Rabid Strike also counts as a Mystic Ally while it exists.
  • Activating your Mystic Ally skill causes the Fire Ally to split into 5. These smaller allies explode on contact with an enemy but while they live they provide the bonus damage. For a short time after activating your Mystic Ally you have 4 extra stacks of the 6-piece bonus. The Crudest Boots have no effect on this interaction, you still only get 4 extra stacks, despite having 2 Fire Allies.


  • Put together the core items and stack a bunch of CDR.
  • Practice building and detonating your Flurry stacks on your Cold cycle of Convention of Elements.
  • Climb the Inna's Mantra Leaderboards by gathering monsters together and burning them down with Area Damage.
  • Mystic Ally Gang!

Guide by Northwar.