GoD 4-man Speed Greater Rifts


Demon Hunter speeds first emerged on patch 2.6.9 together with the introduction of Gears of Dreadlands set. This setup aims to exploit GoD DH's high damage and above-average synergy with pixel pulls. The team composition for these runs consists of DPS GoD DH, support DH, support Barb and one extra member that can be a second GoD DH, support Monk or support Necromancer.

This team is designed to run Greater Rifts very fast, which is ideal for gaining XP, loot and Legendary gem upgrades. For optimal XP/hour you should run Greater Rift tier, where you can complete a run in 3:00-3:15 time.

However, if you are more interested in loot and gemups, then you should use a slightly different setup and do super fast (roughly 1:45) runs on a lower tier. This way also allows everyone in the party to just relax and blast, without loosing too much efficiency.

Basic Setup



The DPS of the group, GoD Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter. This build utilizes all the damage multipliers available and relies on toughness buffs from supports to survive.


This build cannot directly aim its damage; Strafe is always firing at the closet enemy. For this reason, when playing this build you should be focused almost entirely on your positioning, which can be tougher than expected due to all the Movement Speed you have. You should (in order of importance):

  • Make sure that closest to you enemies are in the pull
  • Stay out of dangerous ground effects
  • Stay inside Oculus Ring zone
  • Stay inside Bait The Trap AoE
  • Stay 10yd away from all monsters for Steady Aim

Other than that you just need to keep up your Momentum stacks, spam Smoke Screen and cast Preparation and Vengeance when they come off cooldown.

Note: if you are running double DPS and both of them have Convention of Elements, you should desync them. One DH removes their CoE from the cube, waits until the other is on the start of Lightning in their cycle and puts it in again. This way you never have to wait longer than 4s for your window of increased DPS.


This setup is intended for 3 min runs, where average elite fight takes 5-10 seconds. If you are going for faster runs you should switch Special Recipe for Displacement and Caltrops for Fan of Knives Bladed Armor.

At higher Paragon (2500+) you can switch from Elusive Ring to Convention of Elements.

Read the full GoD DH Guide for more details.


GoD zDH Bola

This build provides tremendous amounts of extra damage to everybody in the group:

  • +190% additive damage from Odyssey's End, Strongarm Bracers and Gem of Efficacious Toxin
  • +15% multiplicative damage from Wolf Companion
  • +18% Critical Hit Chance from Iceblink and Multishot Wind Chill

It also pulls mobs together and gives some toughness via Numbing Traps and Boar Companion.


AS support DH, you have a lot to do in these runs, and your performance directly impacts how fast and how high you can go, more than anyone else in the party.

Generally, your gameplay looks like this. Strafe through the rift slightly ahead of the party, looking for an elite pack or big enough group of trash to fight. Once you find them, you stop Strafing, use Bolas - Entangling Shot - Multishot in that order, and then continue Strafing to apply Odyssey's End debuff. If the fight is going on for more than 3 seconds, recast Multishot. If it's still going after 6 seconds, repeat the entire sequence.

  • DO NOT use Bolas against the same mobs more than once
  • DO NOT Strafe when Bolas is your last used Generator

If you are feeling too squishy, switch Hunter's Wrath for Zoey's Secret, it will make your basic debuff sequence a bit longer but you will be very tanky.

In 3-support setups, where pulling is no longer your job, you can drop Bolas and use Vault Rattling Roll to apply Strongarm Bracers debuff, as that skill is less annoying to use.

Read the full Support DH Guide for more details.


GoD Speeds XP Barb

Support Barb is a build used in nearly every group activity you can do in Diablo III, and GoD DH Speeds are no exception. Single class providing massive damage, toughness and Movement Speed buffs as well as party-wide CC immunity and unique utility of Ancient Spear Rage Flip.


Support Barb is generally less busy than support DH in these runs, but still well used Ground Stomp and Rage Flip can save more than a few seconds on each run.

Generally, the other support will decide where you stop and make the initial pull and after that you job is to add extra mobs to that pull with Rage Flip and make it tighter with Wrenching Smash.

GoD Demon Hunter hyperscales with the number of mobs in the pull; killing two elites at once is more than twice as fast as killing each of them individually. As a zBarb you have the tools to turn two separate elites into a group of two. Doing that fast and consistently is crucial for these runs.

When the group is finishing off yellow elites or the Rift Guardian, you should hit them as soon as they drop below 10% to proc The Executioner.

When you see Sand Dwellers or Dune Dervishes, spam Ground Stomp on them as much as possible to keep your DPS safe.

  • DO NOT Furious Charge into mobs before the pull is made.

If you are playing with support Necromancer, both Ground Stomp and The Executioner become obsolete. Use Sprint Forced March and Messerschmidt's Reaver instead.

Read the full Support Barbarian Guide for more details.

Support Necromancer

GoD Speeds zNec

Support Necromancer is a decent choice to replace your second DPS DH. This build provides extremely strong pixel pulls with Brigg's Wrath, Frailty Early Grave and a very strong Critical Hit Chance buff in situations with few enemies around, where GoD DH normally struggles.


You take on a job of group leader. You need to stay ahead of the group and decide which mobs you are going to fight, pull them together with Frailty and then try to apply Crit debuff to key targets Corpse Lance.


Unlike Rat runs, in these runs you don't need 100% uptime on Land of the Dead, so if you are struggling with toughness, feel free to switch Messerschmidt's Reaver for Dayntee's Binding or Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac for Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Read the full Support Necromancer Guide for more details.

Support Monk


Support monks brings a lot of toughness from Mantra of Salvation, Inner Sanctuary and Resolve. It also gives everybody a lot of shields, which lets DPS DH drop Fortress Ballista and use a two-handed Crossbow for maximum damage.


Much like zNec, you become the group leader. You decide where you stop and you make the initial pull with Cyclone Strike Implosion. After that your job is to spam as much shields as possible to protect the Squirt's Necklace buff of your DPS. Try to place Inner Sanctuary in convenient for DH places (Oculus Rings, free spots next to the pixel, etc.)

  • DO NOT use Cyclone Strike more than once against the same mobs

If you want more toughness, replace Gungdo Gear with Stone Gauntlets and Exploding Palm with Serenity Tranquility.

Read the full Support Monk Guide for more details.

2h GoD DPS

The GoD runs are unfortunately still outclassed by Rats as well as Bone Spear speeds. But they are not so far behind to be unplayable. If you enjoy playing Demon Hunter or just hate Rats, GoD runs can let you farm Paragons quite quickly and have great fun doing it! You can even put Whirlwind on your zBarb to achieve a 100% spinning team!

Guide by Northwar