Renown Speedrun

Last Updated: August 18th 2023

Season 1 - Malignant

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A crucial step in increasing the power of your character is the Renown system. With this Renown Speedrun guide, you'll complete this journey much faster! It provides additional Skill and Paragon Points for your character. While many people enjoy gathering Renown points, others view it as an annoying chore. We'd like to reduce the time this chore takes with this article.

Renown Objectives

There are 6 objectives that grant Renown points:

  • Map explorations: 5 points each
  • Waypoint pickups: 10 points each
  • Altars of Lilith: 10 points each

You need a total of 2,000 points to complete all 5 Renown tiers in each zone

Fractured Peaks Renown

Altars of Lilith & Map Exploration

These two objectives are extremely valuable. As of Patch 1.1.0 you only need to collect Altars of Lilith and explore the map once per game-mode (Softcore & Hardcore). They'll be completed instantly at the start of each future Season. The first two tiers of every zones' Renown board are completed with them, granting you 5 Skill Points and 5 Potion Capacity.

Strongholds & Waypoints

While the whole map is going to be revealed for every character you create, you still have to fight your way through Strongholds and pick up all the Waypoints. Some Strongholds also contain Waypoints, focus on them first, then pick up all Waypoints you haven't activated yet.

Stronghold Map Icon

Side Dungeons

Side Dungeons have a much higher value than Side Quests to fill up your Renown. Besides Renown points you can gain a ton of experience and gear completing them. Play through all of them on the highest World Difficulty you can manage to get the maximum out of them. Prioritize Dungeons with the following additional objectives:

  1. Dungeons that provide a Codex of Power for your build.
  2. Tree of Whispers objectives - They are marked with a red star symbol.
  3. Remaining Dungeons - When 1 and 2 are not available.
Dungeon Entrance

Side Quests

Side Quests are your last resort to finish off the final tier in every zone. If you wnt to avoid any Side Quest, then keep in mind each zone requires at least to complete some Side Quests:

  • Dry Steppes: 4
  • Fractured Peaks: 0
  • Hawezar: 2
  • Kehjistan: 3
  • Scosglen: 0

If Renown is your goal, you only focus on Side Quests that you can trigger and clear on your way between Dungeons and also Side Quests that are completed in Dungeons.

Full Renown Completion Route

This is a Renown Speedrun route to pick up objectives as quickly as possible as a solo player. The capital of each zone is the starting point for our route. We try to combine fast Side Quests with Dungeon completions as much as possible. For the following Routes we expect you to already have completed the Altars of Lilith as well as the full map completion!

Quests in all Zones

Every Zone has Side Quests that start with a drop-only item from Herbs and Ores. Make sure to pick these up in every Zone!

Zone Routes

If you start with a fresh character, begin with Fractured Peaks and continue in Scosglen. Once you have completed these two Zones on World Tier 1, you can continue with any of the remaining Zones in any order you like.

Dry Steppes
Fractured Peaks
Click to enlarge
  1. Take the Southeast exit out of Kyovashad and pick up the Side Quest A Cold Faith.
  2. Head Southwest and complete the Maulwood Dungeon.
  3. Enter Margrave and pick up its Waypoint.
  4. Complete the Side Quest A Cold Faith.
  5. Pick up the Legacies of Light's Watch Side Quest.
  6. Head North to complete the Light's Watch Dungeon. Make sure to complete the Side Quest objectives inside!
  7. Use the Waypoint back to Margrave and complete the Legacies of Light's Watch Side Quest.
  8. Head East and pick up the Yelesna Waypoint.
  9. Enter the bar in the East of Yelesna to pick up the Traveler's Prayer Side Quest.
  10. Head North to complete the Traveler's Prayer Side Quest.
  11. Complete the Dead Man's Dredge Dungeon in the East, then Teleport back to Kyovashad.
  12. Complete the Raising Spirits Side Quest Northeast of Kyovashad.
  13. Head North and Pick up the Secret of the Spring Side Quest.
  14. Enter the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon and complete it.
  15. Head Northeast to complete the Secret of the Spring Side Quest.
  16. Enter the Black Asylum Dungeon and complete it.
  17. Leave the Dungeon and pick up The Dread Martyr Side Quest.
  18. Head South to complete the Immortal Emanation Dungeon.
  19. Enter the Hallowed Ossuary in the East. Make sure to finish The Dread Martyr Side Quest inside!
  20. Head Northeast and kill the Ice Clan Goatmen to pick up the Gory Display Side Quest. (Number is missing on the map screenshot... Sorry)
  21. Enter the Bear Tribe Refuge, complete the Gory Display Side Quest and pick up the Waypoint.
  22. Pick up The Beast's Challenge and Shattered Tribute Side Quests.
  23. Head North to claim the Skull of Kauller the Collector.
  24. Enter the Hoarfrost Demise Dungeon and complete it.
  25. Head East to complete the Zenith Dungeon. Note: We skip Kor Valar Ramparts Dungeon as it is a Level 50 area!
  26. Complete the Sanguine Chapel in the Southeast.
  27. Teleport back to the Bear Tribe Refuge and complete The Beast's Challenge and Shattered Tribute Side Quests. Also pick up the Hammer of the Champion Side Quest.
  28. Free the Stronghold Malnok.
  29. Complete Anica's Claim Dungeon.
  30. Enter the Rimescar Caverns Dungeon and complete it. Make sure to complete the Hammer of the Champion Side Quest objective inside.
  31. Complete the Hammer of the Champion Side Quest in the Bear Tribe Refuge. Teleport to Kyovashad and head Southwest to complete Defiled Catacomb Dungeon.
  32. Head West to pick up Nevesk's Waypoint.
  33. Complete the Tormented Ruins Dungeon in the North.
  34. Head Southwest to complete the Lost Archives Dungeon.
  35. Free the Stronghold Nostrava in the North.
  36. Complete the Cultist Refuge Dungeon in Nostrava.
  37. Finish the Derelict Lodge Dungeon in the North.
  38. Keep heading North and finish the Nostrava Deepwood Dungeon.
  39. Continue North and complete the Caldera Gate Dungeon.
  40. Head East to pick up the Menestad Waypoint.
  41. Pick up the Gold Well Spent Side Quest.
  42. Head Northeast to complete the Kor Dragan Barracks Dungeon.
  43. Free the Stronghold Kor Dragan.
  44. Enter the Forbidden City Dungeon and complete it.
  45. Head Northwest to complete the Gold Well Spent Side Quest objective.
  46. Continue Northwest to finish the Mercy's Reach Dungeon.
  47. Finish off the Renown by completing the Gold Well Spent Side Quest in Menestad.

Group Play Tips

As a group there are multiple ways to speed up your progress through Renown significantly.


Split up to pick up different Waypoints in the world. Share the Waypoint locations with each other. Teleport to a Waypoint and let all party members use the Town Portal next to the Waypoint in any capital to teleport to you.

Town Portal in Cerrigar

Side Dungeons

You can group up with 3 other players and split up into different Dungeons to complete them. You don't have to join each other on the final Dungeon objective to do so. When one player in the group completes a Dungeon, everyone gets the completion! Added bonus: You fill out your whole Codex of Power much quicker!

Be aware that the individual Dungeons become a lot harder because they are scaled to four players.

Blind Burrows Dungeon Completion
Codex of Power Unlocked


  • Finish the campaign first to unlock all Dungeons and the Mount.
  • Reveal the whole map and collect all Altars of Lilith to jump-start your Renown progress in future Seasons.
  • Fight your way through all Strongholds and pick up all Waypoints to get through to unlock the additional Skill Point in the third tier of each zone quickly.
  • Play through every single Dungeon in each region to complete tier 4 and most of tier 5 of the Renown boards.
  • Finish off every Renown Board with as little Side Quests as possible. Focus on especially quick Side Quests to not waste your time!


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