Welcome Bluddshed!

We welcome our newest addition to the team: Bluddshed!

Armed with a legendary beard that even Deckard Cain himself would be jealous of, Bluddshed has been one of the most influential and consistent content creators within the Diablo Community. His guides are specifically aimed to help young Nephalem slaughter their way through Sanctuary for the first time, leaving no corpse unlooted, no chest unopened and no question unanswered. While his content covers diabolical ways to butcher your enemies, he is doing so in the most relaxing and californian way possible.


I never take a partnership lightly. I only support brands/websites/products I believe in, and I believe in Maxroll. The more I get to know the people here the more excited I become to join a team that goes all in for content and community the same way I do every single day. Maxroll is bringing together some of the best minds in Diablo today and I believe I can offer a unique perspective for the entire team. I've always believed that people can learn more from their differences than their similarities, and I'm excited to learn from everyone here on the Maxroll team.

Let's do this boys!

—Bluddshed, Streamer

Bluddshed has been one of the most prominent and influential content creators within the Diablo Community in recent years; from the day I started creating content 2017, I've been looking up to him, which is why I am more than thrilled to be working with him on Maxroll in the near future. Bluddshed has built one of the warmest, most welcoming and relaxing communities in Sanctuary, providing quintessential help to newcomers and veterans alike. His contributions over the past years are mainly comprised of video content, be it broadcasting on Twitch or guiding Nephalem on Youtube, which is why he'll be joining us, not as a guide writer, but as a Twitch Streamer. I am certain both Maxroll and Bluddshed will benefit from one another, providing outstanding video content to thousands of Nephalem in need of guidance - that's a maxrolled promise!

Welcome Bluddshed ♥

—sVr, General Content Lead