Welcome Annacake!

We welcome our newest addition to the team: AnnacakeLIVE!


Hi there! I’m Anna, a Diablo streamer. You may know me best for playing my favorite class: Witch Doctor! It was love at first chicken. I love ridiculous things and let’s face it: what’s more crazy than a chicken running through hell destroying hordes of demons? I never take myself too seriously and the Witch Doctor is hilariously absurd. No matter how long I play Diablo, I will always consider myself a novice because the game is so expansive and there is much to learn. It’s important to me that the Diablo Community has top-notch resources to help them succeed in the game, whether they’re 20-year veterans or complete beginners. That’s why I’m so happy to join the Maxroll team. I know how overwhelming the aRPG world can be, and Maxroll is the best resource for the Diablo Community. Great times are coming and I’m so thrilled to be part of the Maxroll team.

Love you, my little chickens!

—Annacake, Streamer

Anna has charmed Diablo players for years with her upbeat personality, cosplay streams, and her chicken and sharky emotes. Her dedication to the Witch Doctor class is unmatched as you'll always find her zooming around as a chicken looking for her next precious upgrade and pushing the leaderboards. Maxroll is excited to bring her on board to lighten the mood and remind players that games are meant to be fun. Stop by her stream and say hi! If you're lucky she might give you a fitness lesson or teach you to bake a cake.

Welcome Anna!

—Raxxanterax, Public Relations