Filtering for Consoles

We've just pushed a new update to our Guide Filtering System by introducing a new tag you can filter with: Console Friendly. Plenty of console players have reached out to us requesting a filter option to ensure that build guides they follow from Maxroll are executable on their platform. This option is now here!

Check the above Icon to filter
for Console Friendly

Builds tagged with Console Friendly will not contain a separate console variant; however, we can guarantee that the presented variants are executable on any console. In other words, it's safe to build and follow these guides on any platform. For the vast majority of our builds, the mechanics between console and PC are identical; they play, execute and work the same regardless of your chosen platform. For the few builds where mechanical changes lead to a different playstyle, a new accordion will be introduced in the mechanics section of the guide in question explaining the differences. If you can't locate this specific accordion, then that means the build performs and plays equally to PC.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Thank you to Dead213End for greatly helping out on classifying our builds.