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Maxroll is a collaboration of Content Creators within the Diablo Community coming together to produce high quality content for action role-playing games (aRPGs). Our Content Creators are well-known, uniquely talented Streamers, Theorycrafters and YouTubers providing guides and resources for the community. We will leave no question unanswered; be it in regards to tier lists, the highest performing solo builds, meta compositions, or mechanics and the game’s internal workings. We will extract any knowledge that can be extracted, utilize it and define the META of the game with it. We provide the testing, knowledge and guides for everyone to play at their maximum capabilities. We are Maxroll:

Bluddshed has been playing games ever since he could hold a controller. He’s quickly become one of the most popular personalities in the Diablo franchise, and you can always find him helping people throughout Sanctuary. From humble beginnings, he started YouTube in 2015, with a drive and passion to share his knowledge and love for the game. This quickly turned into his popular build guides ranging from starter to advanced level, to achieving a silver play button in 2019. If there’s one thing Bludd’s followers know about him, it’s his love for the community, his love for the game, and fostering a chill environment on his Twitch channel, where all Nephalem are welcome. Bluddshed has been invited to stream multiple times at BlizzCon and appear on Panels representing the community he loves dearly. Beards, beers and cheers, Bludd is always down to have a chat with you.

Harnessing two decades of experience in the Diablo franchise, Facefoot first entered Tristram on Diablo 2's release and the rest is history. He spends his time engaging with the community, helping others achieve new heights in their Diablo journey. Playing with new people and bringing them together as teammates is his specialty. When the need for help dies down each season you'll find him pushing leaderboards with a fraction of the competitions Paragon and experimenting with different off-META builds. If finding new friends and group play is something you've been missing, look no further cause you've got a friend in him.

A lover of video games, spreadsheets, and totally not a Russian troll, Northwar is chiefly known for his memes and carefree attitude. He has, nonetheless, managed to slither his way to the top spots of Diablo III Leaderboards on more than one occasion. If you haven't seen him around already, it's probably because he's right behind you! ᕕ| ◉ ͜ʟ ◉ |ง

If the number of Xs in the name didn't tip you off, then the arcane vaults of his Twitch and YouTube channels most certainly will - Raxxanterax means business. Raxx is one of, if not the most consistent, well-spoken and meaningful voices in the Diablo community. His skill in balancing extensive knowledge of the game while being approachable to newcomers keep players of all skill levels coming back for more. Rumor has it he declined joining the Jedi when he refused to give up his main source of power: the blue hoodie. He likes to pretend he isn't a guitar god anymore, but just ask about ‘Wonderwall’ in chat and see what happens.

Rhykker pursued a degree in science out of a simple desire to better understand the universe, and that same thirst for knowledge extends to every game he plays. A firm believer that knowledge should be shared, he started his YouTube channel in order to share information about his favorite hobbies with fellow gamers. Rhykker harbors a deep respect for pro gamers and seeks to spread the knowledge of their strategies to help coach every gamer to get the most out of their favorite games. With a background in gaming journalism, Rhykker has covered conventions across the globe, and as a Diablo community member, has been invited on-stage at Blizzcon.

Rob has been playing Blizzard games since 2005, especially the Warcraft & Diablo series. Determination, efficiency and reliability stand for this EU-Player ingame but also in real life. He has been a long term non-seasonal player from the origins of Diablo 3. His current focus has shifted to seasonal gameplay, pushing the group leaderboard ranks early in the season. While Rob has an arsenal of experience with all classes, you'll usually find him leaping into battle with his beloved Barbarian or pushing the current META to new heights.

Wudijo is known for his creative builds, passion for DH as well as manic solo pushes that regularly expand the limits of what’s possible at the highest levels. Since the beginning, he has achieved top placements on the leaderboards season after season while sharing his strategies with others. When in doubt, you will usually find him hunting for his next Rank 1 clear on EU.

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