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Inarius Poison Scythe Necromancer Guide

Last Updated: April 2nd 2024

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Warning: As of Season 31 (April 2024), this guide is no longer maintained and unlisted as better versions of this playstyle exist. Instead, check out our LoD Poison Scythe Necromancer Guide.


Grace of Inarius Grim Scythe Solo Push
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Welcome to the Grace of Inarius Grim Scythe Necromancer! This is a budget version of the LoD Poison Scythe build but still brings a gigantic amount of damage and survivability in both solo and group play.

In the early days, shortly after Necromancer's release in Season 11, the set was used with a broken interaction between the (6) Bonus Bone Storm and Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver that caused the gem to proc at ridiculous rates and destroy everything on its own without the need to do much. This was quickly nerfed and left Inarius unused for a long time, as typically Legacy of Dreams-based setups tended to perform better on the Necromancer. It was later buffed with bigger numbers to its current form.

Even though Grace of Inarius is not part of any META setup right now and is slightly dragging behind another build using the same set - Inarius Corpse Explosion - it sees use especially for solo pushing on the Inarius solo leaderboards. Grim Scythe is an iconic Necromancer skill and makes you feel like a true Reaper of Souls as you swing your weapon against the demons of Hell!

Simple rotation ✔
Great AoE damage ✔
No cooldown required ✔

Rewards good positioning✔

❌ Lacks clear speed
❌ Positioning is critical
Low single target damage
Simulacrums do all damage

Core Setup

Core Item Build


  • Grace of Inarius grants our Bone Armor 1000% damage as well as granting our character 6% damage reduction (instead of 3%) per enemy hit. The (6) Bonus makes enemies take 19,000% increased damage from the Necromancer while under the effect and for 3 seconds afterwards.
  • Wisdom of Kalan improves this damage reduction effect by quadrupling our toughness (10 x 6% = 60% reduction --> 15 x 6% = 90% reduction).
  • Haunted Visions allows Simulacrum to cast Grim Scythe and last forever.
  • Nayr's Black Death for up to 500% increased damage to our Poison Grim Scythe.
  • Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang for a 200% separate damage multiplier and to apply Curses.
  • Dayntee's Binding provides us with 50% damage reduction when an enemy is affected by a Curse.
  • Krysbin's Sentence for the 300% damage to stunned enemies, coming from Bone Armor Dislocation.
  • Convention of Elements for 200% damage during our Poison cycle.
  • Depth Diggers for 100% damage to Grim Scythe.
  • Leger's Disdain for 80% damage increase per point of Essence restored.

Season 30 Soul Shards

Soul Shards are powerful socketable items that initially dropped during Season 25 but they are returning for Season 30! There are 4 available for Weapons based on the Lesser Evils, with another 3 for Helmets based on the Prime Evils. They drop at Rank 0 and be upgraded three times with the brand new Hellforge Embers to unlock additional powers, or be used in the Kanai's Cube as Augments. Here's how they progress:

  • Rank 0: Soul Shards begin with a unique static Legendary Power. Creates a Rank 50 Augment.
  • Rank 1: Gives all powers from the normal gems. Creates a Rank 75 Augment.
  • Rank 2: Grants one additional powerful stat. Creates a Rank 100 Augment.
  • Rank 3: Unlocks 1 of 3 bonus Legendary Powers unique to that Soul Shard. Creates a Rank 125 Augment.

Warning: Leoric's Crown and Broken Crown do not work with Soul Shards!

Read our Soul Shards Guide written by Chewingnom for full details on how they work. What you should prioritize on them for Solo Pushing is the following:

  1. The Correct Soul Shard & Rank 3 Power
    The best shards for Solo Pushing are:
    • Helmets: We want to use Sliver of Terror for the massive damage buff from our abilities on cooldown. For the Rank 3 power take the Ring of Fire to unleash a devastating AoE blast for big leaderboard pushes!
    • On the higher end when time-attacking GR150, you can use Shard of Hatred for the massive 50% damage buff when surrounded by a lot of monsters. For the Rank 3 power, take the additional damage per stack for a tremendous 100% damage buff in density!
    • Weapons: We want to use Remnant of Pain for the 100% Critical Hit Chance to incapacitated enemies. For the Rank 3 power take the additional Attack Speed to further power up your character!
  2. The Rank 2 Stat
    The stats that come from the second upgrade are not equal. Here's what we're looking for on them:
    • Helmets: We want either Main Stat for damage or Melee/Ranged Damage Reduction to survive. Avoid Armor and All Resistance as their stat ranges are far too low compared to the others options.
    • Weapons: We want Poison Damage to boost our character's power the furthest. Avoid Damage %, Attack Speed and Critical Hit Chance as their stat ranges are too low compared to the others.
  3. The Stat Ranges on the Rank 1 and 2 Powers
    This is just icing on the cake because the ranges will not make or break your build. Still, look for the Soul Shards with the best stat ranges, especially on the offensive stats.

For the other game modes, other Soul Shards can be used. Check the Variants below to see what's used there.

What about extra Soul Shards? Either salvage them for gems, or upgrade and use them in Kanai's Cube for Augments.

Global Stat Priorities

Our offensive priorities are: Poison Damage > Critical Hit Chance/Critical Hit Damage > Area Damage along with as much Grim Scythe damage as possible. Attack Speed is helpful, especially for stacking Bane of the Stricken in solo, but you don't need to aim for any specific breakpoint. No cooldown is needed for this build as you will only cast Simulacrum at the beginning of a rift and if they die along the way.

Assembling the Build

Item Stat Priorities




Paragon Points

Altar of Rites





Nephalem Rifts
GR Solo Push
GR Group Trash Killer
T16 Keys

For speed content we're pumping up our movement speed with Steuart's Greaves, Warzechian Armguards, Blood Rush Metabolism, Devour Devouring Aura and Fueled by Death. The combination of Goldwrap + Avarice Band + Boon of the Hoarder will make us invincible once we kill an enemy and pick up some gold.

For speed content this build is easy to play as we don't have to time anything with Convention of Elements. Summon your Simulacrum Blood and Bone at the start, use Blood Rush Metabolism to move and finally use Bone Armor Dislocation when encountering elites to activate Krysbin's Sentence before cutting them down.

In groups, swap Warzechian Armguards with Nemesis Bracers and Stone of Jordan with Avarice Band.

Solo Push

This is the standard setup we covered above. Bane of the Stricken is needed as the third gem to kill the Rift Guardian. In solo it's all about getting as many enemies together as you can so you can do insane damage during your Poison cycle on Convention of Elements.

As usual in solo we have to pull everything, stay alive, and kill everything all on our own. Your Simulacrum will move with you, so position them well so they don't die and can do maximum damage. If they die you can re-summon them, but your damage will drop significantly if they die again before the cooldown is back up.

Cast each Poison skill once every 15 seconds to build your Nayr's Black Death up, and use Bone Armor Dislocation on your Poison cycle of Convention of Elements. Make sure to save a pylon for the boss so you can use Nemesis Bracers after stacking Bane of the Stricken for a minute or two to have extra targets for Area Damage and Leger's Disdain.

At high Paragon (4000+) it makes sense to run Flawless Royal Ruby in your armor sockets if you can compensate the lost Vitality. At that point you can also consider dropping Wisdom of Kalan + Krelm's Buff Bracers for Ring of Royal Grandeur + Aughild's Authority.

Inarius Grim Scythe Trash Killer

In groups, we have supporters to do most of the job for us. We just need to make sure to curse everything, position our Simulacrum well and swipe at the right moment.

Similar to the solo version, except we don't have to gather the monsters and staying alive is much easier thanks to the zBarb's pulling and stomping and the zDH's buffs (or zMonk if you have one). Just move to the zBarb's Ground Stomp and cut everything down.

Make sure that your first swing in Poison has every buff up (using Bone Armor last for the stun) and correct positioning as all the little trash will die instantly, costing us Area Damage on successive swings. In other words, don't swing your scythe randomly, swing with purpose! If there is an Oculus Ring nearby, stand in it for 85% increased damage.

You can take Blood Rush instead of Death Nova for speed farming in groups.

If you feel too squishy, you can replace Ring of Royal Grandeur + Aughild's Authority with Wisdom of Kalan, Ancient Parthan Defenders and a 6th set piece.

Video Guide

Video Guide



Leger's Disdain

Nayr's Black Death


  • Put together the core items and acquire the full Grace of Inarius set.
  • Learn to position your Simulacrum Blood and Bone in density, activate your Poison skills in order, and stun with Bone Armor Dislocation on your Poison Convention of Elements cycle to activate Krysbin's Sentence.
  • Gather large groups of enemies with Bone Spear Blighted Marrow to slash them down with Area Damage.
  • Keep your Bone Armor stacks high and stay within the enemies to get the most of your damage reduction from Grace of Inarius.

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Original guide by Raxxanterax
Rework & updates by wudijo

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